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Lip Tie Treatment / Tongue Tie Treatment

If your baby is having trouble breastfeeding and the typical reasons don't seem to apply, she or he may be suffering from lip tie or tongue tie. Small connective membranes under tongue and behind upper lips are called frenula (the plural of frenulum). Everyone has a lingual (tongue) frenulum and a labial (lip) frenulum. Just because your baby has one doesn’t automatically mean that you are going to have breastfeeding challenges. But it’s how the tongue and upper lip actually function that determines if the frenula are causing a problem.

Tongue tie, also called Ankyloglossia (or crooked or looped tongue), is a real medical condition that restricts the tongue's range of motion. With lip tie, the upper lip is tethered to the upper gum. Symptoms can be mild or severe, and sometimes the condition doesn't even cause much difficulty so no intervention is needed. But when problems do occur, it can be diagnosed, assessed, and successfully treated.

Lip tie or tongue tie in babies may be associated with some of the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty latching correctly to breastfeed
  • Colic/gassiness/reflux from incorrect latch
  • The baby thrashs or pulls away from the breast
  • Baby’s latch falling off nipple
  • More frequent night feedings

For the mother, symptoms of her baby suffering from lip tie or tongue tie could be:

  • Very painful nursing
  • Cracked or sore nipples, including bleeding, blanching or distortion
  • Mastitis, nipple thrush or plugged ducts
  • Loss of milk supply
  • Depression or a sense of failure

If your baby has lip tie or tongue tie, a pediatric dentist may recommend a frenotomy (removing the frenulum) to correct the condition. Because the mobility of the tongue has been compromised, these children may often experience whole body tension. A chiropractic treatment one or two days before a frenotomy procedure may help release some of the tension so that the child goes into the procedure as comfortably as possible. Within forty-eight hours of the procedure, CranioSacral therapy and acupuncture administered by a skilled practitioner can consistently improve recovery and overall oral function.

Available at Sauganash Wellness Center, CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a system of techniques and diagnostic tools that focus on the soft tissue structures in the head and body, as well as the nerves. Using pressure of approximately the weight of a nickel, this light-touch treatment works well in infants, as their connective tissue is so soft and malleable. The treatment can help babies breastfeed by relaxing the jaw so that the baby can open his/her mouth more widely and comfortably, reducing tension in the neck and mouth while increasing the baby’s range of motion with his/her tongue and jaw after a frenotomy.

Chiropractics, acupuncture and CranioSacral therapy can also help mothers breastfeed.

Resources About Lip Tie and Tongue Tie

If you have any questions about tongue tie or lip tie problems or how chiropractic treatments can help your child, please call 773-283-4470 for an appointment with Dr. Deanna.


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Your fussy baby may have a good
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