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Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA)

NOTICE: Manipulation Under Anesthesia is considered by many reputable heath organizations and insurance companies to be medically necessary for some conditions. However, due to insurance restrictions, Sauganash Wellness Center is not currently offering this service. Please contact our office for updates.

A highly specialized, non-invasive chiropractic stretching technique, Manipulation Under Anesthesia or MUA, helps chronic pain patients who are no longer responding to regular conservative care. MUA works by altering adhesions and scar tissues to restore range of motion and mobility while the patient is in a safe, temporary "twilight sleep." As an alternative therapy to surgery and medication, MUA consistently generates life-changing results for carefully selected patients.

MUA: The Procedure that Gives You Your Life Back

"I felt 75% better on the first day. The next day was even better, and after the treatment was completed, I thought 'Hallelujah, here I go!'"
- MUA patient

Adjustments that would normally be too painful to consider are easily, painlessly and quickly accomplished in just a few sessions. Typically, MUA is done for about three sessions over three consecutive days, along with additional check-ins with your chiropractic physician. Post-procedure therapy includes stretches, cryotherapy or electrical stimulation to eliminate or reduce any soreness.

This multi-disciplinary approach occurs in a surgical facility and is attended by your chiropractic physician, medical doctors, RNs, anesthesiologists and physical therapists. The adjustments during MUA are the same you would receive during regular chiropractic visits. But they require less force simply because of the relaxed state.

More About MUA

  • Outpatient procedure
  • Typically qualifies for insurance coverage
  • Cost-effective: MUA is typically thousands of dollars less than traditional surgery or other more invasive surgical procedures.
  • Recovery time after a MUA procedure is generally 15 to 20 minutes. However, patients will not be allowed to drive after their procedure.
  • Rehabilitation may take around two to three weeks with stretching and strengthening exercises, massage, as well as periodic adjustments as required.

Conditions That Can Benefit from MUA

  • Fibroadhesion buildup
  • Chronic disc problems
  • Herniated disc without fragment
  • Chronic myofacitis
  • Intractable pain from neuromusculoskelatal conditions
  • Torticollis
  • Chronic re-injury
  • Failed back surgery

Dr. Deanna Minkler is certified in Manipulation Under Anesthesia. To find out if MUA could help you, ask Dr. Minkler for details.


Sauganash Wellness Center

Dr. Deanna Minkler is certified in
Manipulation Under Anesthesia. To find out
if MUA could help you, ask Dr. Minkler
for details at 773-283-4470.


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