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Pediatric Chiropractic Resources

Why Chiropractic?
By Dr. Eric C. Epstein, MsT, DC, CCP

"The chiropractic approach delivers a competently applied adjustment combined with synergistic therapies that helps to reset structural architecture, and give the brain powerful sensory information that helps it work better!"

When Parents Seek Chiropractic
Demographic Survey of Pediatric Patients Presenting to a Chiropractic Teaching Clinic by Joyce Miller

"What may be surprising is that parents have heightened awareness to recognize musculoskeletal pain in the very youngest children, particularly neonates. A common complaint of early infancy is that the baby “refuses” to lie on his/her back (shows pain behaviors when lying supine)."

Best Chiropractic Care Practices for Pediatric Patients
Best Practices Recommendations for Chiropractic Care for Infants, Children, and Adolescents: Results of a Consensus Process by Dr. Cheryl Hawk, DC, PhD; Dr. Michael Schneider, DC, PhD; Dr. Randy J. Ferrance, DC, MD; Dr. Elise Hewitt, DC; Dr. Meghan Van Loon, DC, PT; and Dr. Lora Tanis, DC

"A broad-based panel of experienced chiropractors was able to reach a high level (80%) of consensus regarding specific aspects of the chiropractic approach to clinical evaluation, management, and manual treatment for pediatric patients, based on both scientific evidence and clinical experience."

Safety of Chiropractic Care in Children Under 3 Years Old
Adverse Effects of Spinal Manipulative Therapy in Children Younger Than 3 Years: A Retrospective Study in a Chiropractic Teaching Clinic by Dr. Joyce E. Miller, DC, and Kate Benfield, MChiro

"This study shows that for the population studied, chiropractic manipulation produced very few adverse effects and was a safe form of therapy in the treatment of patients in this age group."

Chiropractic Care for Children
Chiropractic Approach to the Management of Children by Dr. Sharon A Vallone, Dr. Joyce Miller, Annica Larsdotter and Jennifer Barham-Floreani

"Studies in the United States show that over the last several decades, chiropractors are the most common complementary and alternative medicine providers visited by children and adolescents. Chiropractors continue to seek integration with other healthcare providers to provide the most appropriate care for their paediatric patients."


Reflux Resources

Lip Tie, Tongue Tie and Reflux
Infant Reflux and Aerophagia Associated with the
Maxillary Lip-tie1 and Ankyloglossia (Tongue-tie) by Lawrence A. Kotlow, DDS, PC

"Infants who experience “colic” or reflux symptoms may benefit from clinical oral examination and discussion with a qualified healthcare provider. The infant’s oral examination may suggest a maxillary lip-tie and/or tongue-tie may be a contributing factor of an infant’s inability to create an adequate seal."

Infant Gastroesophageal Reflux
Infant Gastroesophageal Reflux (GER): Benign Infant Acid Reflux
or just Plain Aerophagia? by Lawrence A. Kotlow, DDS, PC

"TOTS [Tethered Oral Tissues] may cause aerophagia, a condition where the infant’s latch onto the mother’s breast or bottle allows the infant to swallow excessive amounts of air into the stomach during feeding."


Related Resources

If you have any questions about tongue tie or lip tie problems or how chiropractic treatments can help your child, please call 773-283-4470 for an appointment with Dr. Deanna.



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