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Non-Invasive Health Testing

Dr. Deanna Minkler and Sauganash Wellness Center are licensed health care providers of Salivary Test Panels, used to assess a number of critical health factors.

Saliva testing is a powerful tool for evaluating stress, hormone-related disease and health conditions, especially over time. Using cutting-edge technology and methods, Sauganash Wellness can provide the following tests:

  • Adrenal Stress Index Panel
  • Bone Health Panel
  • Female Hormone Panel
  • Food Tolerance Panel
  • Gastrointestinal Health Panel
  • Male Hormone Panel
  • Menopausal Hormone Panel

What is "Saliva Testing"?

Saliva testing has many advantages over blood testing. Saliva specimen collection does not require a blood draw and there are no risks to patients. Saliva collections are convenient and — when stored properly — saliva samples are stable for several weeks. Quite simply, it’s affordable, convenient and delivers superior results to blood testing due to the ease in which multiple specimens can be collected.

With an accuracy of 92-96%, saliva testing is more accurate than blood testing. The ability to collect more than one specimen is another advantage of saliva testing because this can give providers more information than a single collection. Compared to blood testing, saliva testing is also more affordable.

There are several different ways of measuring the hormones in a person’s body. Most blood and serum tests look only at the level of hormones that are present in a person’s tissues. This is known as “bound hormone levels”.

Saliva testing looks at the “unbound hormone levels” also known as “free fraction hormone levels” which are the hormone levels that are available to be used by the body’s tissues. This gives us a better idea of the levels of hormones that are actually influencing the tissues, rather than just the level of hormones that are present in the tissues.



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