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Thai Herbal Compress Balls

Exclusive Herbal Formulas
Created by Massage Experts

Used for centuries in Traditional Thai massage therapy, Thai herbal compresses are a wonderful way to combine heat therapy, herbal therapy and aromatherapy in your massage session. Rejuvenating and relaxing, the compresses have a blend of ingredients developed by Traditional Thai Massage experts.

When steamed, the Thai herbal compresses release the healing properties of the medicinal herbs inside. The many benefits of using the compresses include:

  • relieve pain and inflammation
  • alleviate muscle stiffness
  • promote intense relaxation
  • increase energy
  • sooth migraine pain
  • improve blood and lymph circulation
  • and help heal certain skin conditions.

Thai Herbal compresses can be used either hot or cold depending on the ailments being treated. The compresses can be rolled or gently pressed on affected areas or simply left on one spot on the body for a length of time. Some practitioners even use Thai compresses as a small pillow, propping up the necks, heads, or knees of their clients.

Feel the Benefits
Add this amazing service to your massage for an additional $15 for your session. You'll not only get the benefits during your massage, you'll get the compresses to take home and use again for a few days to continue your treatment. Call us at 773-283-4470 to make your appointment.


  • The herbal compresses may be used up to five times within three to five days after first use.
  • After each use, let the compresses air dry, then place them in a plastic bag and store them in the refrigerator.
  • Unused herbal compresses should be kept in their original packaging in a cool dry location away from direct sunlight.


Thai Herbal Compress

Ask your massage therapist to add
Thai herbal compress balls
to your next massage session
and enhance all the results you
would typically expect.

Call 773-283-4470
for your appointment.

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